Ryland Young McIntyre

Ryland Young McIntyre

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Ryland McIntyre is a Writer + Director based in New York City. Here is a cool and interesting poem he wrote about himself to help the world understand what he does. It's called, "Melting Heart, Frustrated Brain."

I don't like these things

I never have

but that's annoying

for you

and me

because that's what everyone says

and we all have to do this

so here goes

I like and love

mostly everyone and everything

I also strongly dislike

mostly everything else

which is a lot of things, if you think about it

There's a lot of stuff in this world.

and that's what drives me

conflict between stuff I like and love

and stuff I don't

the possibilities are endless.

this was a bad idea

there are too many things

on these lists

let's just talk

for real.

I really


like meeting new people



                  ^first cell phone I ever owned

                 ^first cell phone I ever owned

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